Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ashamed of Where I Live

For the last 14 years I have lived in N Ireland, in a small village 18 miles outside of Belfast.

It is a beautiful place and I love it. I moved just after the first ceasefire of 'The Troubles' in April 1996 and despite many concerns of my friends around the world I have not personally seen any trouble.

I know there are still pockets but in general compared to big cities in England which have their own issues with knife and gun crime, this is a great place to live.

But today I am ashamed to admit I live here. How can people think it is acceptable to racially attack a group of people. The violence towards the Romanian community in Belfast is totally unacceptable.

I have heard it may be over a football match where N Ireland lost to Poland and so animosity is to all Eastern Europeans. I can't believe this but then a few weeks ago we had a murder over a Celtic / rangers match.

N Ireland is now a tourist destination, economic investment is good and we are slowly rebuilding our reputation, only to have it spoilt by a few idiotic individuals.