Sunday, 23 November 2008

Happy Birthday

As I get older I am not happy, I want to stay young, so when a great friend announced she was turning 50, I was not impressed. 'I am too young to have a friend who is 50' was my first comment.

But then another friend said 'Just remember...every time a friend has a birthday, that is one more year they have been part of your life!' and I like that.

So I am currently in Germany at her party weekend and had a great time, my daughter and her children are great friends, it is so nice the friendship has gone on a generation.

Happy Birthday R xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Stupid Women Drivers...

Embarrassed, stupid, pathetic, ridiculous just a few of the emotions I felt this evening, why, because I am a stupid woman driver.

Every week I fly wherever I need to be and pick up a hire (rental) car and drive off, not normally a problem but today was different. Yesterday I drove from Swindon to Bracknell, just about 70 miles in the dark but no issues, this morning I drove to the office and locked the car up OK, then when I got back in this evening the courtesy lights went on inside and nothing I could do would turn them off. I tried everything, checked every door, window, sun roof, everything was OK. I did consider just driving but then I could not have parked the car up this evening without the battery going flat overnight, so I had to ask for help.

But first I thought I would try the manual, no help. SO I rang the breakdown people who said they would be an hour, I just wanted to be in my hotel asleep. So whilst I waited I got the company security guards to have a look and they flashed their torches all around but no luck.

Luckily the AA man arrived quite quickly and even more quickly 'fixed' the lights. Apparently if you touch the headlight dial in the centre, even accidentally the courtesy lights stay on, stupid Vauxhall / Opel car / General Motors, but if you tap it again they go off.

So how stupid did I feel?, especialy when you have to sign a form saying what the issue was. No doubt something on the form is the breakdown man equivalent of PEBCAS (Problem Exists Between Chair and Screen)!!!