Monday, 31 December 2012

Thoughts on 2012 and 2013

I don't blog as much now and was surprised to find my last personal blog was last year's review.

Personally the highlight was Brooke's Commissioning Day at Sandhurst, you will never meet a prouder mum.
  • I learnt what is important, the hard way, when Brooke was involved in an incident the week before her comissioning. God was looking down on her, thankyou.
  • The Diving has taken over, and I have just returned from Egypt where I completed my Advanced Open Water, on my fourth diving trip this year (Gran Canaria, Barbados, Mexico and the Red Sea).
  • I had the best 50th birthday ever and shared the celebrations with Tim Gorman and Pete Sharman along with another 30 of friends in the Rockies.
  • My friends continue to support me (and that physically includes after a very dodgy 80's party in Vegas). 
  • I have made many new friends, many from outside the IT world (that would be the diving again) and hope I can be as good friends to them.
  • I did find the time to visit my best friend in Germany, my 'family' in Guernsey (who also came over for Brooke's Commissioning) and many others. I am blessed.
  • Brooke came home to lay the wreath in our church on Remembrance Sunday, another very proud moment although when I had a chance to fire a large gun under her command on Salisbury Plain she was less proud of me :-)
  • Sometimes still struggle with the mother v friend relationship with Brooke, but every day count my blessings, I never had a good relationship with my mum.
  • My health is good, I put on about half a stone last Christmas and haven't shifted it but you know, just look at how far I have come. I am a new person.
  • The Silver Surfers are still having fun and teaching me.
  • I have spent more time at home this year, the longest period being 9 nights which is top ranking this year for number of consecutive nights in the same bed, (last year home was 3rd at 6 nights).
  • Despite a quieter year (avoided all but 1 trip to Denmark), the imaginary friend is still going strong despite the continuous threat to his life. 
  • Yet again I got to travel the world and indulge my love of teaching. #ILoveMyJob
I am very grateful for the circle of friends who help to lift me up when I get down. Last year I said I was going to try and drag the lows up, unfortunately that didn't happen and the distance between the highs (that were brilliant) and the lows (that sucked) were even greater. As casualties to this was a very good friend, a strained friendship earlier in the year which has now recovered, and far too much time worrying. I especially want to say thank you to those who have given me the physical and virtual hugs to pick myself up.

Professionally it has been a very mixed year:
  • For a while Fujitsu was a challenge as they went through a period of major change and I as one small individual struggled to find my place.
  • The last three months were great I had a fantastic Fujitsu time at Oracle Open World, in Japan and Munich and of course closer to home.
  • UKOUG continued it's change and although I achieved my ambition for re-election I stepped down as President in August which has been a very difficult transition.
  • I continue on the UKOUG Council and led the 2012 Conference Committee and hope to lead the 2013 Apps Conference and foster a vibrant Fusion Community. I am also responsible for Public Sector and Ireland were we continue to grow.
  • I did get to introduce Martin Corry on stage which was cool, love Rugby.
  • I did as intended step down from the Product Development Commitee at the IOUC but it hasn't really developed and I am very sad about that. 
  • I have perfected the 'jazz hands' to go with my signature statement 'I'm not technical', thank you to all in the ACE program for the coaching.
And what do I want from 2013?
  • Sort out those lows!
  • Writing a book as therapy - need to really get on with it!
  • Rescue Diver (and the lots of diving that goes with it).
  • Get fitter, the diving is tiring and what would help is being fit (and / or Nitrox!) 
  • I haven't succumbed to the Internet Dating but will probably give it a go. 
  • Wish my ex and I could be friends,we still share a daughter and should be able to celebrate her achievements together.
  • Get used to Brooke being overseas, she is posted to Germany in February.
  • Visit more friends.
  • Speak in Africa, perhaps we can get an ACE tour sorted.
  • Decide which speaking I can and can't do, so many more considerations now, Budget, Fujitsu and Vacation time and of course which ones I can add diving to. Cary commented on last year's post it was about commitment and I so agree with him.
  • Blog more here, first up needs to be about the diving (did I mention I am hooked?)