Friday, 26 September 2014

Interview with Tim Hall

His interviews are so funny Michelle and I thought we would turn the tables!

MM: How are the Oracle ACE Briefings?

TIM: Fine but I am in the doghouse with the wife

DL: Let’s move off that subject, how are the briefings?

Tim: They are good but I can’t tell you anything its under NDA

DL: OK tell me about your job

Tim: No

MM: Looks like you're not talking to her either so, tell me what you do outside of work?

Tim: I told you the wife hates me

MM: Is she your whole world?

Tim: No, I love laundry.

DL: OK…Anything else?

Tim: And I am working on a secret project

DL: (at last something interesting), tell me about it

Tim: It’s very secret but code named OGC

DL: you can’t talk about THAT it’s under NDA – this interview is terminated!!

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