Saturday, 5 January 2013

Doing her Bit

If you know me at all you know how proud I am of my daughter. I tease her, I laugh at her and if you read some old postings on this blog you can see just how much she makes me giggle.

Yes I am proud of her, she is an officer in the British Army and she got there herself, no pedigree, no silver spoon, no sponsorship, she achieved everything she needed to get there. In a few weeks she has her first posting and will have her first set of soldiers depending on her for leadership, but first, she and her fellow young officers of the Royal Artillery are raising funds for SSAFA, a charity that helps the families of service people.

This challenge is one that Brooke is not only taking part in, but is one of the organisers. It is a tough time for raising money, soon after Movember, Christmas and alongside the January Dryathlon, but dig deep and support them.

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