Sunday, 7 September 2008

My Silversurfers

I love my job but it is good to do something different and so when a friend at Church who works for Help The Aged asked me to teach computers to OAPs I thought why not. However the scheme was to teach in a local library for 10 weeks and my job means I cannot commit to being in the same place every week.

Then this year she told me of a new scheme 'EverybodyOnline' where PCs and Internet access have been put into Retirement Homes and volunteers go in to teach, and as this is not a formal course it suits me well, I can go in whenever it suits me.

So I am teaching two ladies, Jean and Rita who are keen to use the Internet and email to keep in contact with their families and they say it is to keep their minds active.

There is also a gentleman Martin who is researching the Royal Navy from 1890 onwards. In this case it is me who is doing the learning. Martin was the 5000th person online and you can read his story here. He got the laptop he wanted for his birthday so there is no stopping him now.

And where does 'Silversurfers' come into it? Their name not mine. So what I started thinking was to give back actually gives a lot to me.

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